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A new water heater is an important investment in your home or business comfort. H.L. Stoneberger offers a number of affordable options for upgrading your water heater, including energy efficient models that will save you money on your monthly utility bill. Our team can help you choose a model that provides reliable hot water throughout the home or business without costing a fortune. We also offer emergency service and regular maintenance for your existing water heater. Contact H.L. Stoneberger today for more information.

Water Heater Options

Electric: Electric water heaters are the most common water heater in the plumbing field. They are inexpensive to maintain and install and can provide years of reliable use. Aside from the standard electric water heater, we now offer high efficiency heat pump water heaters, which can rival some of the best tankless models with efficiency. All of our water heaters carry excellent warranties and are built by trusted companies with quality materials. We also offer point of use electric and some electric tankless options.

Gas: We offer an expansive selection of gas water heating products. From tankless units to natural vent water heaters, we offer and install them all. Some of our brands such as A.O. Smith, Noritz and Navien come with excellent warranties and are manufactured with the highest quality, so you can be assured your investment will provide years of reliable use. Gas water heating provides excellent demand for hot water along with energy savings. Contact us today for more details

Solar and Alternative Fuels: Ontop of our already extensive selection of water heater services, H.L. Stoneberger also offers non traditional and high efficiency water heating options thru solar hot water heaters and also thru alternative heating sources such as wood fueled hydronics. These systems can be costly to install, but can provide exceptional savings over the long term. Please contact us today if you are interested in these new technologies.

Choosing the Right Water Heater

When choosing a new heater, the most important consideration is selecting a model that will provide adequate hot water for your family. At H.L. Stoneberger, we know water heaters and can help you choose the right unit for your home or business. A water heater can be a big investment; before making a purchase, always consult with a professional who can ensure your choice won’t leave your family out in the cold.

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For more than 25 years, H.L. Stoneberger has been providing new water heater installations for Harrisburg, Linglestown, Hershey, Middletown, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg and Carlisle home or businesses. To this day, we remain a family business dedicated to providing excellent customer service and the highest quality work.

Contact us for all your water heater service needs, including repairs, removal of old units, regular maintenance and more.

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